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click this link to see me playing in 1979 with UKSubs 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOhCRxsu23chttp:UKSubs 1979


50 years of drumming, recording, producing,  touring, writing, TV, films, teaching privately and at schools,  youth clubs, and other music projects.

Drumming Biography;-

!971joined up with my friend Bazz Adams and formed The Adam Davies set preforming at clubs in the Midlands. 1973 Became drummer for The Vendors a 'twang' group based in Coventry.

1974 created a band with Roddy Radiation Byers called The Wild Boys. 

Started to play as a session drummer.

1976 answered advert in Melody maker for 'Ed Marimba approximation' [a favourite drummer of mine at this time] and joined with the guitarist Stewart Knight playing original material. Through Stewart I became the drum teacher at the Cenral London Youth Project. Met Charlie Harper....

1977 joined Jeff Westly in Marabou and entered a national talent contest, the Us Sound Spctacular. Won the London heat at the Marquee club, the regional final at the Rainbow theatre.Went through to the final at Wembley...Auditioned for the Clash-but I had a pony tail, we played for about an hour and a half.  Later that year Joined punk band 'Dick Envy' with Vermilion Sands touring and recording.

In 1978 asked by Paul Slack and Nick Garrett to join the UKSubs. One week after joining the band recorded our first of three John Peel sessions at  BBCs Maida Vale studios. two and a half years of recording, touring and mayhem. 

Also playing and recording with Charlies solo projects.

 Later in 1980 I worked with Roy Harper. Rehearsed with Ronald. Played some gigs with London secret.

1981-84 My old mate Roddy Byers fell out of the Specials and asked if I could help out his new project Roddy Radiation and the Tearjerkers. gigging touring and recording. Recorded The Straps first album.

1984-87 rejoined Charlie Harper for a few months touring Europe and USA with latest UKSubs line up. When that finished helped form the Rhubarb tarts.  continued playing with Roddy.

1987-91 took the session job for Here & Now touring then became their full time drummer. Continued playing with The Rhubarb Tarts and joined up with Gaz Top's Tuphelo torpedos.

Daevid allen joined up with Here & Now to become 'Planet Gong', for a British tour.

Over the next couple of years helped out the Angel hearts, Run Foxy Run the Soul Traders.

Rejoined the UKSubs full time sepember 1991 until august 1996 toured constantly & recorded two more albums.

Became very quiet for the next few years played a gig with Slutch at the 100 club in 2001but remained quiet until 2005. Although teaching drums, not gigging .

2007 got a new kit, played with Bernie Elliott, the Trollymen, deputising for the BBs' toured UK with UKSubs 'original' line up.

2008 deps., with the Funk Soul Brothers, and the BBs', played Rebellion festival Blackpool with UKSubs. continued doing gigs with Bernie.

2009 continued deputising for the BBs'  and F S Brothers, joined up with Phil Crawfords 1881.

2010 conintued with the accoustic band called 1881, played for a production of  the musical Bugsy malone. other gigs with the the BB's and Bernie. 

2011 Recorded with Charlie Harpers Harbour Rats {see photo}.[ Bernie Elliott Mandolin, Sally Hunter Violin, Jewls Pennywhisle, Chris Toombs Upright Bass]

harbour rats  Sally jewls bernie chris miffy pete charlie                                           photo Fintan

 Sessions for Vix and the kicks, and gigging with bernie elliott/chasing snakes.

2012 gigs with Bernie Elliott.  Played for a production of the musical Dazzle. joined local rock covers band Red Mecca. Playing with the Straps at punk rock festivals. Recording with Straps.

2013 Recorded the Straps album Brave New Anger. Gigging  with The Straps.          Recorded with Paddy Stratton and Ian Harvey with Mick Taylor on lead guitar.

Played for productions of the musicals, Shake Ripple and Roll, The Wizard of OZ and Mary Poppins. Staying fit by continuing playing with Red Mecca. 

2014-17 Continued gigging with The Straps. Recorded with Charlie Harper and Daryl Bath.  Recorded with heavy metal band Blackmayne. Played for musical productions of Into The Woods and Oliver .During 2017 joined Norwich band Never Mind the Pistols. Had a new Kit made for me by The Cambridge Drum Company.

2018 A quiet year only one gig, with Never Mind The Pistols, Lots of work teaching.
















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