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Here are just some of the services I can provide:

  • Tuition within Schools
  • Private Tuition - your drum room or mine
  • Session drummer for hire

Please get in touch with me for more details.

School timetables;

Some schools' timetables rotate. Please contact me or the school for details.




angry young women/nymphomania/wild boys, 'Vermilion &  Dick Envy' Illegal records.

CID/I live in a car/B1C, UKSubs City records

Stranglehold , Tomorrows girls. Shes not there [EP], Warhead, Teenage UKSubs singles Gem records.

Albums, Another kind of blues, Brand new age, Crash Course {live} UKSubs Gem Records.

Barmy London army, Freaked, [singles] Stolen property album, Charie Harper.

Desire/ western song, roddy radiation & the tearjerkers Chiswick records. Lorraine, Whats the matter, Dont drive me, Roddy Radiation & the tearjerkers Anthology

The Straps Album

Gross out USA, live UKsubs album

Standing forever, Slam bam wham, Squeezing the tube, Here & now.

Normal Service Resumed, UKSubs album. Live in Croatia LP. fallout

Road is long EP UKSubs. jungle/fallout

Occupied, UKSubs album jungle/fallout

Peel sessions, UKSubs CD. jungle/fallout

Tolleymen CD

Rolling in my sweet babies arms, The Cuckoo, Charlie Harpers Harbour rats single

The Straps, Rebellion Festival2013.

Brave New Anger, The Straps album.

Blackmayne, Blackmayne the album, 4 tracks

[Stop] Hobophobia, Night Crawler, Charlie Harper, Daryl Bath, Pete Davies. [Shitehawk]




'Punk can take it' a film by Julien Temple

Punks not dead, a film by Susan Dynner

This is England











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