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Here are just some of the services I can provide:

  • Tuition within Schools
  • Private Tuition - your drum room or mine
  • Session drummer for hire

Please get in touch with me for more details.

School timetables;

Some schools timetables rotate, changing times so that different lessons are missed by pupils taking their drum lesson.  Please contact me or the school for details.




angry young women/nymphomania/wild boys, 'vermilion &  Dick envy Illegal records.

CID/I live in a car/B1C, UKSubs City records

Stranglehold , Tomorrows girls. Shes not there [EP], Warhead, Teenage UKSubs singles Gem records.

Albums, Another kind of blues, Brand new age, Crash Course {live} UKSubs Gem Records.

Barmy London army, Freaked, [singles] Stolen property album, Charie Harper.

Desire/ western song, roddy radiation & the tearjerkers Chiswick records. Lorraine, Whats the matter, Dont drive me, Roddy Radiation & the tearjerkers Anthology

The Straps Album

Gross out USA, live UKsubs album

Standing forever, Slam bam wham, Squeezing the tube, Here & now.

Normal Service Resumed, UKSubs album. Live in Croatia LP.

Road is long EP UKSubs.

Occupied, UKSubs album

Peel sessions, UKSubs CD.

Tolleymen CD

Rolling in my sweet babies arms, The Cuckoo, Charlie Harpers Harbour rats single

The Straps, Rebellion Festival2013.

Brave New Anger, The Straps album.

Blackmayne, Blackmayne the album, 4 tracks

[Stop] Hobophobia, Night Crawler, Charlie Harper, Daryl Bath, Pete Davies.




'Punk can take it' a film by Julien Temple

Punks not dead, a film by Susan Dynner

This is England











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